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[tabs] [tabh] [tab id=”abt0″ class=”active”] [icon image=”fa-home”] Residential[/tab] [tab id=”abt1″ class=””] [icon image=”fa-group”] Commercial[/tab] [tab id=”abt2″ class=””][icon image=”fa-group”]Industrial[/tab] [/tabh] [tabc] [tabrow id=”abt0″ class=”active”]New Touch Residential specializes in the sale of brand new houses and luxury apartments throughout Qatar .Working closely with the New Touch, our experienced team can provide regularly updated information on the latest sales launches or forthcoming developments. We can arrange for you to preview some of the exciting development projects currently under construction[/tabrow] [tabrow id=”abt1″ class=””]Our commercial agency team provide a pro-active approach towards the marketing, promotion and disposal of our commercial property instructions, both for sale and letting. Our regular commercial instructions range from retail outlets , offices industrial units , properties, restaurants, cafes / pubs through to all manner of commercial freeholds throughout Qatar .[/tabrow] [tabrow id=”abt2″ class=””]With over five years of experience, the Corporate Business Division provides a wide range of services to meet the demands of our varied client base, including Companies , Corporates , Building Societies, National and regional house builders and Contractors . We offer a distinguished management service and a variety of other industrial property sales .[/tabrow] [/tabc] [/tabs]

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